Daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of trans-identified youth are told that the people they loved, raised, and shared homes and experiences with no longer exist. There is no day for them because most days are overcome with the painful reminder that their loved one either no longer wants to see them, or has branded them with various slurs, lies, and negative attributions.

Nothing is said for these people- no vigils, celebrations, or moments of silence for those who have lost children- most of whom hold a belief that their relative will one day return to them.

“My daughter removed me from her life after I refused to finance her breast removal surgery- she brought local trans activists to come to my house whilst she was still a minor and left me when she turned 18. She recently had her breasts removed, the gleeful money hungry surgeon took her money without responding to the messages sent from a loving mother.”

Trans day of visibility- for who? For the parents who have been written out of their children's lives for refusing to go along with unscientific beliefs which encourage self-harm, they are invisible, erased, and hold a continually burning candle for the teen they pray will return.

This is a movement that seeks to remove children from parents who voice concern, doubt, and advise caution.

This is a day that celebrates the 40,000 women on go fund me who are seeking to remove their healthy breasts…. For an ideology.

This is a day that smiles at every gender clinic for children which opens up, gleefully sending the latest and youngest recruits to be sliced, diced, and sterilized. I am saddened and sickened to announce that 300 pediatric specialists in Gender “Transition” exist in North America and 1000 when counting the 18+ services- and we are not done counting.

What is even more disturbing, is the lack of resistance I face when I present myself to a clinic and ask them if they will provide services for my newly sexed 14-year-old;

“No problem…. We provide full gender affirmation services, Maam”

“You’re such an excellent mother, wow, so great… when can we book you in for an appointment with one of our gender affirmative specialists.”

Pictures glorifying breast removal dominate social media, where pay by click advertising is used to lure hashtags aimed at confused youth. What makes me shudder is that they are operating with such unashamed greed, predation, and shamelessness- behind every smile is a cheque, with every breast removal from a teen is a photo opportunity encouraging more customers.

I, for one, won’t be going along with this. We can all only help in our own individual ways. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and I intend to slam down every lie that there are only a dozen or so pediatric gender clinics in the World with the facts. There are hundreds if not approaching thousands and all of them are culpable.

Join us, support us and let’s allow facts, numbers, and data to speak for itself, instead of propaganda, lies, and product placement.

Follow @gendermapper on Twitter and submit your story, and with your help, we will continue to deliver the truth.

Abusers rarely manage to operate without facilitators. When a young woman or man is pimped into prostitution, for example, there all too often has been a long grooming process ( sometimes since infancy ) to prepare the prostituted woman, alter their sense of reality and delete their whole sense of self. This of course makes it easier to manipulate them and ultimately encourages them to do things that they would never do under normal circumstances.

With the recent and troubling phenomenon of teens identifying as trans, it’s easy to spot the very old and established tactics being utilized. Many of the teens are diligently worked on, meticulously, relentlessly, slowly, particularly in online forums, encouraged to share pictures, exchange “sexts”, and are even coached in how to abandon parents, who are often completely unaware of what is happening.

These predators are hiding behind seemingly well-meaning “advocates for the rights of trans kids” and come in many forms. Two examples of which are older men who infiltrate trans youth support groups- most of whom claim to be lesbians or “non-binary” and another are online influencers who produce blood-curdling content aimed at their child audience about deeply personal issues of sex, genital surgery, hormones and even advice on how to abandon your family structure and distance yourself from friends with concerns or criticisms.

Influencers who discuss transgender topics on youtube and produce content are privy to their data and analytics- they know who is watching their videos and they alter their content accordingly. No influencer can ever say “I just put my content up for older people, I don’t know who really watches my content”- they know everything about the breakdown of their viewers- and they know they skew young, which topics capture watch time from certain demographics ( and ad revenue ), and what thumbnails get them the audience they are really looking for.

“My daughter watched endless hours of trans YouTubers a day. It took me a while to even understand what she was watching- elective surgeries, pictures showing their “progress” from attractive females to bearded, balding short-statured young "transguys". When she told me that she was transgender she repeated points that had been repeated by influencers."

This is so commonplace, it's almost surprising to hear of a trans-identified teen who wasn't deeply influenced by youtube/tik tok "stars" and the typical "transgender teen talking points" are;

I was always like this, I have just been hiding it.

Transition is the only way to solve any of my mental health problems.

There is a body of science that supports this, and it’s abusive to question what I’m saying.

There is only one way to solve gender dysphoria- puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and if you don't let me do that- you want my suicide.

Youtube, however, is just a small part of the issue. Once the child has become exposed to these ideas, they seek others ( mostly online ) who are part of their club. These online clubs are found on discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit and they often end up in instant messaging one on one with other members. Many of whom are older predators.

“My 14-year-old son came out as a transwoman and then as a lesbian. After he made this shocking revelation I broke into his computer, his discord server and discovered he had been instant messaging with a 24 year old “transwoman”. I felt completely sick. My son is very impressionable, has no real friends, and is surrounded by this incredibly toxic atmosphere, but it doesn’t end there…”

What is even more concerning, it that adults in his life- teachers, councilors, and confused parents at his school are affirming this, and are having secret conversations and reminding him to "hang in there", and that "he will be 18 soon" or even worse "You do have rights, you know."

As if sharing pictures, personal stories about genitals, and having inappropriate sexual conversations with children isn't horrifying enough- many of them encourage these young "trans teens" to abandon their "dangerous abusive and transphobic parents"- something deeply intoxicating to teenagers who cannot find their footing in the world.

We must push back on this lunacy. We must call out every person who is grooming our youth and impressionable, often mentally ill youth into falling for these false prophets. Behind every barefaced, child manipulating predator is a system that props them up and shields them- many of whom are benefiting financially from the system of gender affirmation.

My project to uncover every pediatric gender clinic Worldwide is one that will uncover truths harder to bear, but we cannot allow ourselves to hide away and not face what is happening. I believe that with data, facts, and real-life testimony we can shine a light on this atrocity.

Every person who is complicit in the harm of vulnerable girls and boys will never be able to crawl away and say that they did not take part in this. We may not be able to put families or bodies back together, but we can make the commitment today, to ourselves and to each other to record every single benefactor and all who participated.

When I first started investigating the prevalence of so-called Gender Affirmative care for teens and children in the United States, I thought that I would stumble across a few dozen clinics on both coasts. However, as the search widened the landscape changed, almost overnight.

TikTok is at the forefront of preparing your children for a life of dysphoria, body hatred, cross-sex hormones, and surgery and it is no conspiracy, the data speaks for itself.

#topsurgery has 353 million views on TikTok- nearly 1 million in the past 24 hours. That should make our blood run cold. In fact, if you are on TikTok ( TikTok is aimed at younger people, the average age being 14 ), you would not be able to avoid these hashtags. Why is TikTok not being held accountable for these hashtags promoting body hatred? Even Tumblr in 2017 recognized that pro-anorexia hashtags were causing issues in teenage girls and closed them down, but the same logic has not been applied to the same cohort who now wants both breasts removed.

Plume, a hormone dispensing app for android and IOS, is at the forefront of breaking down the safeguarding and making sure that ALL confused teens get bogus letters for surgery and cross-sex hormones. All from the comfort of their phone. Plume is essentially prescribing life long medical hormones via their apps chat feature. Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Utah, Washington and more coming soon.

Plume markets itself for the younger audience, marketing the decision to go on cross-sex hormones as a part of any young person's life.

New York mother, Sandra, said that her son started identifying as trans during COVID, dropping his entire offline life and migrated online, logging on to join World Of Warcraft Gaming groups and watching endless trans YouTubers where he first declared himself to be "nonbinary". A few weeks later as he made more Trans identified friends online, he wrote his mother a text message saying "I am a transgender, don't be mad at me".

Sandra saw this coming- her son had dumped all his friends and had no engagement with them and was spending upwards of 15 hours a day on his computer, talking to trans teens all over the world.

"At first I really thought it was just harmless, but he's sitting in front of his computer for 15 hours a day, not eating, not showering, and not talking to me, we communicate via SMS."

Sandra's worst fears were realized when she broke into her son's discord and found that he was "chatting" to men who claimed to be women who were well into their 30s. Her son was being coached on how to lie, deceive and even run away from his parents.

"The people my son was talking to online are extremely predatory. My son is not yet 18, and they know that, yet they speak to him for hours, send him pictures and coach him on what to say to therapists and how to deceive his parents. "

These stories are not unique- and why would they be? The predators with "Glitter Families" want you to know exactly what they are doing

Jeffrey March is another TikTok Influencer who is producing content for the young and impressionable, a quick glance at his TikTok analytics and you can see nearly 50,000 young people are "following" him.

Teens who are going through a horrific crisis comprised of body issues and regular teenage angst do not need a plethora of "influencers" who promote cross-sex hormones and even tell you to leave your unsupportive parents!

Jeffrey Marsh says " As your internet then-gel, as your NB Parent of the webs, let me tell you, you are doing great, I know it doesn't seem like it.... I do know that if you need a place to BE and to be safe, you can do that here. My page is your family. This is a family. I know that a lot of you have been stuck with a family who is disrespectful, dangerous even, you are safe here, you deserve a kind, good, loving accepting family- and this is it"

Encouraging children to leave their "unsupportive and transphobic" parents is a common theme that runs through ALL of the influencers who are male.

If you have been hurt by a gender surgeon or gender affirmative care, please get in touch with me so that we can continue to bring this to light and end predatory child medicine.

Have you been treated poorly by a gender clinic or surgeon? Are you a parent who needs help? 

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